Thursday, July 4, 2013

This Is What Happens...

...when Mom goes crazy with the firework flowers. 

As Harps said - "it's a good thing Mom doesn't drink."

Friday, November 30, 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Moberly 2012

While in Vegas a couple months ago, I drove by the old Moberly house.  It is for sale and looked pretty run down, but not just this house.  The whole neighborhood looked pretty run down.  So I called the number on the sign to see if I could get a showing.  It was under contract so he couldn't show it to me.  no to be discouraged, I walked around the house and noticed that the little girls were still not closing their window all the way... after all these years.  So I helped myself inside and took a few pictures.  Enjoy.

front side view.  the trees have taken well

new (to us) gate.  vines growing on the front.  that is the same hoop we used.

backyard.  pool in the distance.  no fort.

more of the same.

front yard up close.  circle drive still in tact.  

front porch

the infamous wall used in a sting operation to get E & F in trouble when mom and dad were away.  guilty of creating the sting- B, C, & D

septic tank opening.  not sure why I include this other than to give an idea of the upkeep on the house.

backyard where beautiful easter pictures were once taken

graydon and harper must have broken the screen door off the window before we left.

not sure this bench was ours.  

backyard corner

sad but the pool has been covered probably for liability.  The Christmas tree has taken nicely as well.

more pool

back patio has been covered.

back side.  close window is the one that was open.

E&F's room

A&D's room

B&C's room

hallway from E&F's door

bathroom.  same counter tops

craft room

thoughts of theft passed through my mind.


kitchen.  lanai to the right

family room looking toward front door

family room

laundry room door to left.  playhouse straight ahead has been sealed.

front door

parlor (living room)

front bath

G&H's room

hallway to Mom & Dad's room

Mom & Dad's room

Master Bath

Lanai.  Graydon's favorite story takes place in here.  Wait, maybe that is Harper's favorite story...


PK's house to the left.  Old mean guy's house to the right.

view of Lawson's/Sands/Whitely's front yard

our cul de sac 

the bus stop.  not sure why but i kind of hated the bus stop

our church

new beginnings at delhi 

entrance to mooncrest

newer beginnings at Mooncrest.  I thought about checking for open windows here but again, thought better of it.

I hope you have enjoyed this blast down memory lane.  Would have been fun to include commentary from everyone as they saw these pictures to hear different angles to our family's history.